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Hello Folks !

We created this site to let our family and friends know where we are and what we are up to as we travel around Australia.

Back in the days when our abode wasn't on wheels, we used to email photos of our recent doings and going ons to many of you.

All we have now though is half a rickety laptop from Melbourne, a monitor from Sydney and a limited internet/email connection, so the best way for us to let you know what we're up to, is to add photos, stories etc. to this website.

It's good to hear from you all so please keep those emails a comin' and we enjoy hearing about your on goings and replying too. See the link here for emailing to our new email address.

So here's the map.

We are hoping to go round the outside of Australia in a year, approximately - The Big One so they call it over here. Starting at the bottom right, near Melbourne and travelling in an anti-clockwise direction. Following the coast all the way.

It's a working holiday/experience - we have to work to pay our way. And Crikey, with the price of fuel, that will be with overtime!

Each Stage of the journey has it's own web page. So click on the link and away ye go...

We were living in Traralgon, Victoria before heading off.


Some Preparations in Traralgon

10th April to Early May

Traralgon to Batemans Bay

Batemans Bay to Sydney

Sydney to Coffs Harbour

Web Pages created by the children.

Josephs wicked webpage  Updated Saturday 14th June 2009. Time for a haircut!

Josephs tales of Queensland and the Northern Territory - fantastic stuff added 20th May '09.

Aj Deano's Kool webpage - updated with some terriific photos on Friday 22nd May '09.

Rosie's wonderful webpage

9 weeks in Coffs Harbour - May to July

Arriving in Coffs Harbour - Banana Coast Caravan Park

Early May in Coffs Harbour - Butty making and distant Blue Mountains

Late May in Coffs Harbour - Beaches and Rugged Rocks

Early to Mid June in Coffs Harbour - Lavatory at Dorrigo and a Village Fair

Late June In Coffs Harbour - Games at the Split Solitary Park

de Banana Plantation - a tour of a local Banana Plantation

Early July In Coffs Harbour - Fun on the Beach and an afternoon fishing.

A Day Out at the Big Banana

Around Coffs Harbour

On the road again - July to mid-August

Coffs Harbour to Ballina

Ballina to the Gold Coast Updated Sunday 10th August

Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast

Around the Sunshine Coast - Mapleton

A QuickTrip to the Library near Mapleton

Maryborough and Hervey Bay

Maryborough to Mackay


6 weeks in Mackay

Around Mackay - Kinchant Dam - Added Monday 8th Sept

And then the laptop broke. Oh no! Normal updates will be resumed when we get this one up and running and with a website creating application.

All sorted with a new laptop, at last. Now to try and fill some gaps...


The Tropical Top End of Australia. Early October onwards.


Townsville to Cairns


An afternoon at the Wonderful Waterholes - Behana Gorge (near Cairns)

Ross and Locke - Rope swings and Trees to jump from. A dded 2nd Jan 2009

Josephine Falls - just look at the height of this drop !

Walshs Pyramid - all 3000 feet of it. What a hike!

Waterfalls on the Atherton Tablelands. Added Monday 15th December.


------ Apologies for the lonnnggg delay in adding some photos and stories. But I had to go to the UK in January -----------------

April 2009: We are still in Cairns, but are heading off to the Northern Territory towards the end of this month.

Here's a summary of what we've been up to...

December in Cairns - Moving house and an amazing Fig Tree.

January in Cairns - Copperlode Dam and Bullrush.

Etty Bay and Babinda Boulders - fun in the sea and crystal clear water.

Mossman Gorge and the Babinda Boulders revisited. Added Saturday 11th April and updated Friday 17th April.

Later today I'm supposed to be getting my hair shaved off for the Cancer Council of Queensland. So, watch this space for "Before" and "After" photos.

Haircut and Colour - Time for a haircut, but let's have some colour too !

On to the Northern Territory.... - nearly 2000km from Cairns to Tennant Creek.

Tennant Creek - in and around Tennant Creek. Added 29th June

Wild Animals in Katherine Here's what we saw at the caravan site.

Living in a remote Aboriginal Community - and the 600km journey from Darwin.

Around Darwin. Out and about the capital of the Northern Territory.

Final week in Darwin - Indian festivals, sunsets and the Botanical Gardens.

Remote NT then to Kununurra - The first stop in Western Australia.

Kununurra - Boabs and Catfish.

Kununurra to Brooome - And exploring Broome: Beaches and boabs.

Broome to Port Hedland - from the good to the ...not so good.

Exmouth, Carnarvon and the Ningaloo Reef - from the Coral to the laid back Carnarvon.

Geraldton - last stop before Perth.

Perth - the Capital of Western Australia.

Perth - in October 2009.

Busselton - Exploring the bottom left of Oz.

Albany - walks and beaches.

Kalgoorlie - a tale of 2 contrasting cities. The spectacular beaches of Esperance and the mining town of Kalgoorlie.

Saturday 5th December. We're heading across the 2000km Nullarbor plain shortly, hoping to arrive in Whyalla in South Australia on maybe Tuesday Wednesday, then Adelaide Thursday. We'll see...

We did ! We survived the drive of the Nullarbor and arrived in Adelaide on Thursday 10th December. Wooohoo!

Adelaide - days out, possums, koalas, joeys and other more dangerous wildlife.

...and on to Traralgon - yeehaa!



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